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February 12, 2013


Terry Schwandt

My husband sat behind me in math class (9th grade-1971)Our first date he asked me to the Sat morning football game. It was a frosty fall day and the bleachers were wet. He sat down and scooted over to dry off my seat. Nobody had done something so nice for me, ever. Here we are 42 years later and he still does something for me everyday.
I'd love to win the lunch box - too cute! Thanks for the chance.

Julie Stewart

Years ago, my then boyfriend, and I were away for the weekend. One afternoon, he said "How would you like to get married on February 13."

Well my head was spinning. What, did he just ask me to marry him. Oh my, I wasn't expecting this. Wait, did he say Feb. 13???.

I really wasn't sure how to respond. So, after a few silent moments, I said, "February 13? Why February 13th?" His answer, " You know, Valentines Day."

Well, I am not sure if I actually said yes, or just started to giggle. But, we got married the following Valentines Day. 31 years ago. The story has been repeated so many times. It is a sweet story, that I tell with love. He has even told it a few times. However, he sometimes is confused about which day we actually got married. The 13th or the 14th. Gotta love that guy!


This is a story about my parents...they got married when they were very young--17 and 18. My dad joined had joined the army a few months prior and took leave for the wedding. He got orders to Virginia, so my mom, who had never been out of Gregg county, Texas packed her bags and followed him out there. My dad was only a Private, and they could hardly afford anything. They rented a one bedroom trailer house that they tried to heat with one tiny little space heater. Their first valentine's day together was very, very cold, and they didn't have a car. There was snow everywhere and my dad had to walk to work. While he was at work he cut "valentines" comics out of the newspaper and glued them onto a piece of contruction paper for my mom. That evening he stopped by the grocery store, and as he was trudging back home the bags broke, and all the food fell into the snow. When he finally arrived he was frozen solid, but he held in his hands the card he had made and my mom's favorite dessert...a chocolate pie.

Sandy A in St. Louis

A few years ago, my friend Char was dating her now husband Alex and he wanted to surprise her at work. Char's cubicle was just on the other side of mine, so Alex sneaked in to the office, hid in my cubicle and called her. She could tell it was an inside call because of the ring, but couldn't find him. It was so funny watching her look over all the cubicle walls looking for him and he was on the other side of the wall the whole time! :) He had brought her a big bouquet of roses, too, so it was romantic as well!

Beth T.

My favorite Valentine memory is of my dad, who always loved a grand romantic gesture. One year he was too frail to go out and buy my mom a gift, and asked for my help. He wanted her to have a huge bouquet of deep red roses. He was quite specific about where I should buy them--not at a florist, but at a particular nursery in our hometown, which was 45 minutes from my home. I may have grumbled to myself, but not to my elderly father. I made the drive, picked up the roses from the nursery manager who was familiar with Dad's appreciation for fresh, lovely blooms.

It turned out to be Dad's last Valentine's Day. I am so glad I followed his instructions so that my mom had one last, utterly typical, gift from her sweetheart.

Happy Valentine's Day, all!


What a wonderful giveaway! I LOVE Pam Kitty anything!

I think my favorite Valentine memory is from a few years ago. I love my husband dearly but he is not romantic at all. Well, one year he surprised me by booking dinner for us at Dromoland Castle. I didn't believe that he'd actually made the reservations, sure that we'd pull off the road and go to a 'regular' restaurant, but no, it was a night to remember. The meal was amazing, sitting in front of the roaring fire in one of the reception rooms afterwards, drinking coffee and eating petit fours--it was just amazing. :)


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Too bad I am too late. Would of loved to be a part of this. That is fantastic piecing.

Freda Mayer

Holly I don't have a Valentine story but did want to say thank you for the incredible Pam Kitty designs. I just finished making five new aprons for our store using each one of the kitty panel block for my bib bodice. I used coordinating fabric to match up for double ruffled skirts. I will be releasing them late this week in our store and would love to share photos of them with you when they have been edited.

I can not tell you how many times while I was sewing them out I stopped just to tell those beautiful fabrics how much I loved them. Only another fabriholic would understand that.


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